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VSM Studio 1.2

VSM Studio is a completely free universal IDE for Proteus
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VSM Studio is a completely free universal IDE (integrated development environment) designed specifically to integrate with the Proteus VSM simulation software. In addition to all the common features you would expect from a development environment we have included:
- Automatic download, install, detection and configuration of a large and growing number of compilers such that they produce the output format most compatible with a Proteus VSM simulation. This happens literally at the push of a button so you can start work on a project and then compile from inside VSM Studio without having to learn and change compiler argument lists.
- Association of ISIS file (virtual hardware) with source code (firmware). Unlike a project in a generic IDE, VSM Studio projects include both source files and an ISIS schematic file. Double clicking on the schematic file in the project view will launch the file in a copy of ISIS, making it easy to work dynamically on both hardware and software design.
- VSM Studio is capable of launching a copy of ISIS for debugging and simulation. When this happens the design file associated with the project is launched in ISIS and is pre-loaded with the clock frequency and compiler output file. All the user need then do is press the play button in ISIS to start simulation or the pause button to start debugging.

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